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Warmer and Phototherapy

Radiant Heat Warmer


  • Servo control facility
  • Amicroprocessor technology
  • Feather Touch controls .
  • Programmable high temperatute cut-off
  • Audio/Visual alarms for fault
  • Self diagnostics of its faults and functions
  • Control accuracy +-0.2C
  • Inbuilt shutts off in case of any fault
  • Electronic lock for programmable temperature cut-off
  • Optional photography with attachment

MM-180 Baby Trolley


A detactable and attach Baby trolley which consists of large baby tray made of MSCRC sheet with four side 6 mm thick clear acrylic collapsible side panels to access an infant from all the sides Acrylic baby tray with head up/down facility Thick cushion mattress

LED Phototherapy Unit Double Surface

Neonatal Equipment LED Phototherapy Unit Unit Surface

SMC-182 LED Phototherapy Unit Double Surface

Specifications of LED Phototherapy units:

  • LED Phototherapy with intensity 6-50 microwatts/ nm/ cum m watt, adjustable intensity
  • Height adjustable and titable light unit
  • Digital timer of LED usage time
  • Provision for double surface phototherapy
  • Should last for at least 30,000 hours
  • Wave length should be 450-460 nm
  • Cooling fan to be provided to dissipate the heat created by LED
  • Electrical devices compatible with 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz power input
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